So Phase 5 is soon done, moving on to Phase 6

We’ve got quite a lot done since the Bible was finished back on the old Gurochan. Its a pity that quite a lot of the history of Cracked Mirror has been lost along the fall, but we’ve still got the important data with us and we’re progressing well.

Phase 5 was pitch phase for the four girls – the fourth one (regenerative tsundere witch) is still in the works and that’s why we’re in overtime. But after that, it should be settled and Act 1 work can start. I’ll also post some of the concept art that has been on the development forum. Please note that the designs aren’t totally final or anything like that, that’s up for the writers to decide. But I believe that they should be interesting to share with you guys.

Busty Split Personality girl: Tee and Trina!

Writer: Wrongsong!


Cyborg with  detachable head girl: Marie!

Writer: Bud!


– Conjoined Twin Nymphos: Clara/Sarah

Writer: StoopPidgeon!




This is going to rock.

Phase 6 is going to be a bit of a learning stage to get us all familiar enough with Ren’py so that we can work at the proper level. And we’ve got musicians too. Amazing music has been made. But maybe more of that and some other things later. Bye for now!


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